Variant One has recently launched their latest in bladed offerings with the new Gambit card.

Variant One states “The Gambit is a constructed of 6AL4V Titanium (Grade 5), these cards are .04” thick and the dimensions of a playing card.

Due to the softness rating of Titanium, these cards will not be traditionally “razor sharp”, in order to compensate a thin layer of Tungesten Carbide is applied to the back side of each card to increase Rockwell hardness and allow the Titanium to hold an edge.

Each card is laser etched and has a stone washed/tumbled finish.

Future colors and finishes are in the works!

While many military and law enforcement organizations have used the Challenge Coin for years, the Gambit offers another option for unit identifiers and distinction.

Email us if you are interested in custom designs for your team.”

To learn more about Variant One. CLICK HERE

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