Emerson Knives has debuted their latest in EDC style knives with the new June Bug knife.

Emerson Knives states “Introducing the Emerson June Bug. Now, I don’t know if cute was a word I’ve ever used to describe one of my knives, but in this case for the Emerson June Bug, cute seems to be a pretty appropriate description.

This little knife is probably our ultimate EDC presentation.

Overall, it’s just under five and a half inches long. It’s got a 2.3-inch blade and a 3.2-inch handle and that makes it perfect for everyday carry use.

It fits snuggly down in the pocket or with the Emerson clip, it can be carried just like one of our other knives clipped to your pocket.

It has a Wharncliffe-style blade with a straight, razor-sharp edge.

Now, I know that I called this knife cute, and it is on the smaller side of anything we’ve ever done.

In fact, it might be the smallest knife we’ve ever made, but don’t underestimate its cutting performance.

Don’t kid yourself, this is a real deal knife because after all, when all is said and done, it’s still an Emerson.”


  • Handles:Midnight Blue and Black Richlite
  • Blade:154 CM
  • Grind:Double V Grind
  • Blade Length:2.3 Inch
  • Handle Length:3.2 Inch
  • Weight:2.5 oz

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