Springfield Armory has released the Waffentechnik Model B2k bayonet designed for the the NATO pattern.

Springfield Armory states “The Waffentechnik B2K bayonet is the ideal companion for the 20″ Springfield Armory Hellion and supplied to the Croatian DOD for their VHS-D2 service rifles. Crafted from 440A stainless steel with precision and durability in mind, this bayonet seamlessly attaches to the Hellion, enhancing its versatility in the field.”


  • Strong wire cutter (also for hardened concertina)
  • Electrical insulated up to 1.000 Volts*
  • Fits most NATO-pattern rifles
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • NBC-decontaminable
  • Completely stainless
  • Strong scabbard spring
  • All parts non-reflective
  • Special military anti-corrosion coating on all metal parts
  • Textile Wearing System (MOLLE- & IDZ-compatible)
  • Blade Material:440A Stainless Steel
  • Weight:20.8 oz
  • Length:12.2″
  • Blade Length:7.3″
  • Blade Width:1.2″
  • Textile Length:13.6″
  • Textile Width:2.4″

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