Emerson Knives has announced the expansion of their knife collection with the finish option of the Emerson Thunderstorm Finish.

Emerson Knives states “This finish is an alternative to the all-black finish that we produced and provided over the years and it’s in between the stonewash and the coated black finish.

It’s a non-glare, surface that is just really quite attractive. That’s about all I can say about it.

I fell in love with it and it’s on the knife that I now carry in my pocket and just to boot, it’s also scratch-resistant and it won’t show wear and tear like the black coated blades do over time.

It’s subdued, very attractive, durable and it’s dark and foreboding.

It looks great against any color handle that we put on it and I know you’re going to love it on the knife you choose, so let’s get ready to rumble and get ready for the launch of Emerson Knives with the new Thunderstorm finish.

I woke last night to the sound of thunder.”

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