TNVC has recently announced they have been awareded a patent on the TNV/PVS-15 Powered Bridge Mount (PBM-A)

TNVC states “Originally introduced in 2019, the TNVC TNV/PVS-14 PBM-A (Powered Bridge Mount – Auxiliary Power) was developed to provide allow end-users to quickly, easily, and effectively convert already-fielded PVS-14 MNVDs (Monocular Night Vision Devices) into a BNVD (Binocular Night Vision Device) configuration.

Already in use with military, law enforcement, and individual users, the TNVC PBM has been awarded Patent # US 11,131,843 B2 by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

While bridge systems that allow two PVS-14 MNVDs to be bridged together are not in and of themselves unique, the patented TNVC PBM features a unique power control system that not only allows both PVS-14s to powered and controlled using a single power control knob and on-board AA battery located within the Powered Bridge Mount.

Combined with the articulating design and auxiliary power connection on the PBM-A provides a similar capability and feature set to the USSOCOM AN/PVS-31 family as a retro-fit capability.

Binocular night vision goggles offer significant advantages over individual monocular systems, such as improved depth perception and situational awareness, allowing end-users to process information faster and more accurately.

While purpose designed dedicated binocular systems do continue to have advantages over bridged MNVDs such as overall system weight, as much of DoD begins to transition its close combat formations to binocular night vision goggles with programs such as the ENVG-B, many individuals and organizations that already possess PVS-14 MNVDs may not find it immediate feasible or cost-effective to replace them with dedicated binocular systems.

The TNV/PVS-14 PBM-A allows those individuals and organizations to obtain many of the advantages of binocular systems without having to purchase brand new dedicated BNVDs.”

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