The Tactical Night Vision Company TNVC has announced an exclusive roll out on the Echo Arms CQBL Intergrated Light mount.

TNVC states “The ECHO Arms CQBL Integrated Light Mount (ILM) is a machined 6061 aluminum replacement body for all Surefire 3v Scout Lights and compatible tailcaps and heads with an integrated mount that allows it to be used with the Steiner eOptics CQBL-1 IR/VIS Laser Aiming Module by replacing the factory CQBL rail mounting bracket.

The low profile, one-piece body design closely hugs the CQBL-1, giving users a complete IR/VIS Aiming Laser and integrated weapon light – when combined with a dual spectrum light like the Surefire M3xxV family, the ECHO Arms CQBL ILM gives the user complete IR AIM/ILLUM and VIS AIM/White Light capabilities in a compact package that is less than 4.5″ long, 6.3″ wide, and 1.4″ tall, making it ideal for PDW, SMG, and PCC applications where rail space and accessory mounting and integration space is extremely limited.

Made exclusively for TNVC, the ECHO Arms CQBL ILM is available in both Black and Tan anodized finishes.”


  • MATERIAL:Machined Aluminum (6061)
  • DIMENSIONS:3.25in (L) x 2.0in (W)
  • COMPATIBILITY:Steiner CQBL, Surefire Scout Tailcap & Heads

To learn more about TNVC, Echo Arms and the CQBL Integrated Light Mount. CLICK HERE