I first seen this device very recently when Spike’s Tactical announced their new AR-pistol line up that features the Aviator Arms X-1 Bi-Axial Recoil device, and after a little more research it appears this has been out for a few months now.

Through a quick google search there hasnt been much talk on this device, but as the trend of the AR-pattern to become shorter and more-compact grows, devices like this that enable the user to shrink the overall length by deletion of the classic buffer tube, devices like this grow in popularity.

Aviator Arms states “The X-1 solves the AR-15’s size disadvantage when building a compact variant by relocating the recoil spring to the top of the upper receiver and positioning the bulk of the buffer inside the bolt carrier group.

It does all of this without using any proprietary parts other than the buffer and recoil spring assembly.

All that is required to install the X-1 bi-axial pistol recoil system is simply remove the stock buffer tube and associated parts and install the X-1 pass-through collar and receiver end plate included with the kit.

The recoil assembly can then be mounted on top of the upper receiver to the standard picatinny rail.

Once mounted, the spring loaded buffer assembly is then rotated into position, indexing it into the back of the bolt carrier and installation is complete.

The X-1 can be installed on any mil-spec flat-top upper receiver and does not require any modifications of existing parts, nor does it permanently alter the firearm.

It has been tested on a wide variety of upper/lower receiver combinations, both forged and billet, with multiple types of bolt carrier groups from various manufacturers all with excellent results.

It has also been tested with multiple variants of .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, and 300 Blackout ammunition in supersonic and subsonic loadings, suppressed and unsuppressed covering the most popular ammunition types for the platform.

The X-1 has a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

The X-1 is made with pride in the USA to adhere to Aviator Arms “High Speed, Low Drag” philosophy to bring high quality, technologically innovative, and revolutionary products to the firearms industry.”

To learn more about Aviator Arms. CLICK HERE

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