Bravo Company USA has launched their latest offering in AR-15 pattern upper receivers with the BCM Standard 7 inch 300 blackout chambered upper receiver with MCMR-5 handguard.


  • BCM┬« 300 Blackout Upper Receiver Groups
  • Continuous taper barrel profile designed for optimal weight, balance, and performance.
  • Tapered barrel profile out front, for easier maneuverability.
  • No sharp handguard cap shoulder for improved barrel harmonics and improved accuracy.
  • Muzzle threaded in standard 30 cal (5/8×24).
  • Includes MCMR-5 Handguard
  • Includes MCMR-SM (MCMR Sling Mount)
  • Includes One 3″ Picatinny Rail Section
  • Includes 7.62/300BLK Flash Hider

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