Bravo Company USA has released their their latest offering with four new AT Optic Mounts.

Bravo Company USA states “Engineered and built as lifesaving equipment with industry-leading mechanical quality control, Bravo Company is proud to offer 4 new AT Optic Mounts with our new Angled Torqueâ„¢ Lock-Up technology.

Designed for Private Security Professionals, professional Soldiers, Law Enforcement, and responsibly armed citizens, our optics are designed to assist you in protection at home and around the world.

Improving on Mil-Spec rail interfaces dating back over 30 years, the BCM A/T mount delivers an unprecedented zero retention on a properly mounted red dot optic.

Low profile and snag-free, BCM A/T Mounts are built with a minimal number of components – delivering a stronger component with less points of failure, ready to take on dynamic and adverse settings.

Each A/T Mount features multiple integral recoil lugs to mitigate recoil and counter recoil to preserve your zero and ensure “no fail” shots are placed where intended by the trained rifleman.”

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