Wilcox Industries has launched their latest offering in optics with the new RAAM GSS M Rapid Acquisition Aiming Module which is a Grenadier System System.

Wilcox Industries state “The Wilcox RAAM GSSā„¢ M is a modified version of the US Army selected Grenadier Sighting System.

A unique locking system has been added that maintains the Trajectory sight at the chosen launch angle for multiple engagements at the same distance.

The RAAM GSS design has proven to increase hit probability by significantly enhancing daytime and nighttime grenadier accuracy, while simultaneously decreasing target engagement time.

Along with this unsurpassed performance, the ergonomic design incorporates many ease-of-use features.”


  • Unique quick and easy bore sighting to grenade launcher
  • Unique locking system that maintains the Trajectory sight angle for multiple engagements
  • Reflex sight features an integral back-up iron sights
  • NIR aiming laser for clandestine engagements at night
  • IR illuminator provides increased recognition at night
  • Aiming references to correspond to ballistic range
  • User selectable ballistic solution for ammunition
  • Quick selector for 2 pre-programmed ballistic solutions
  • Cant Indicator for increased accuracy when firing
  • Mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rail without modification

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