Gunwerks in their Skunkwerks division has announced The CUT Rifle System.

Gunwerks states “The CUT is the latest edition of the Skunkwerks series of purpose-built, limited run rifle systems by Gunwerks.

Built with the singular, obsessive purpose of cutting every possible ounce from an already lightweight ClymR rifle system without compromising on performance.

The CUT is the result of a massive R&D materials project sparing no expense to engineer a super-tuned mountain rifle that shoots like nothing else in its weight class.

Our journey to achieve the goals set forth with The CUT quickly took us to new territory.

Realizing our need to explore new, advanced materials, engineer new solutions to make weight and avoid compromise led to process, design and material breakthroughs that will serve as a springboard to launch future generations of Gunwerks rifle systems.”


  • Caliber: 6.5 PRC or 7 SAUM
  • Weight: 6.5 Lbs (7 SAUM), 6.8 Lbs (6.5 PRC) with optic (20% weight savings over production ClymR)
  • Length: 40 3/4” @ 13.5″ LOP
  • Barrel: 20″ optimized contour carbon wrapped
  • Action: Skeletonized titanium GLR Action
  • Stock: Made with advanced spread tow carbon fiber
  • Scope: Custom Leupold VX6 HD with capped windage & removed illumination

To learn more about Gunwerks. CLICK HERE

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