B&T USA or Bruger and Thomet has introduced the new redesigned SPR300 PRO rifle which is designed to be fast deploying, discreet, and accurate rifle that shines suppressed.

B&T USA states “We are happy to introduce the redesigned SPR300 Pro.

Updates include new stock options, AR pattern grips, a switch to AR magazines, and a Timney Trigger.

The Special Purpose Rifle, still chambered in 300BLK, features a full length suppressor and side folding stock that can be broken down and re-assembled with no POI shift.


Designed for discrete carry, rapid deployment, and maximum accuracy under any condition, the SPR300 is the perfect tool for all sniping missions up to 150 meters (165 yards).

Equipped with an integral suppressor, the sound level produced is less than 121 dB.

Innovative Swiss engineering allows the rifle to be broken down for transport and quickly reassembled with no change in point of impact of the round.


  • Caliber: .300 Whisper / .300 AAC Blackout
  • Barrel Length: 250 mm T
  • wist Rate: 1:8

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