Taccom has recently shown further support for the Smith & Wesson FPC pistol caliber carbine with a new buttstock.

Taccom states “The TACCOM Buttstock for the S&W FPC is light, agile and adjustable.

Comes with shims to adjust the LOP to your liking.

The Butt plate is adjustable up/down and can be tipped to perfectly fit into your shoulder.

We’ve retained the factory 2 stage recoil system that allows for no forces applied to the receiver.

Comes with an aluminum QD swivel mount installed on the butt stock.

A dowel pin in the stock backed up by a button head cap screw securely locks the TACCOM Butt Stock on the factory aluminum receiver.

A great and unique upgrade to your Folding Pistol Carbine.”


  • Lightweight, not bulky, fits the Rifle nicely
  • High strength DELRIN polymer
  • Adjustable for Length of Pull
  • Butt Plate can be angled to fit in the ‘pocket’ of your shoulder
  • Butt Plate has an aggressive texture will stay put!
  • Aluminum QD swivel mount installed
  • Comes with Assembly Hardware
  • Retains the factory recoil system

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