Taccom has released their Smith & Wesson M&P FPC handguard adpater nut that allows you to mount Ar-15 pattern handguards.

Taccom states “The TACCOM Hg Adaptor for the Smith & Wesson FPC will allow you to remove the factory polymer hand guard and replace it with your favorite AR15 hand guard.

You simply remove the current hand guard and the barrel nut, replace it with our adapter and then attach an AR15 hand guard.

Very simple installation.

If you use a small diameter hand guard with MLOCK slots you will be able to fold the rifle completely.

Use of the locking mechanism on the charge handle may or may not be useable, folding over is key and the lock can sometimes be a hinderance for fast deployment of the weapon.

You will still have a compact folding rifle, just like the factory intended.”

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