Brownells has recently announced the launch of their complete BRN-9 upper receiver.

Brownells states “Brownells customers can quickly assemble a 9mm AR-15 style firearm with the BRN-9 — the newest Brownells BRN series complete upper receiver — in stock and shipping now.

A self-contained upper receiver chambered in 9mm, the BRN-9 is blowback operated, runs suppressed or unsuppressed without adjustment, and fits onto any standard AR-15 or BRN-180 lower receiver.

Because the upper does not require a buffer assembly, it readily functions with a folding stock as an SBR or with no stock at all as a pistol. For 9mm SBR configuration, all NFA rules apply.

The BRN-9 is compatible with both 9mm-only lowers and common 9mm magazine well adapters, including those for Glock, Sig, Colt, CZ Scorpion and MP5 magazines.

The upper retains bolt catch functionality and works with last round bolt hold open lowers. The non-reciprocating charging handle can be switched to either side.

The barrel is 5.5” long and has 1/2″x28 muzzle threads. Integral Picatinny rail makes it easy and simple to mount optics or sights.”

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