Brownells has introduced their latest in flash hiders and in support of Dead Air’s suppressor mounting system with the new Brownells flash hider series featuring an A2 style and Pronged.

The Brownells Keymount Flash hiders come in 1/2×28 for 5.56 and 5/8×24 for 7.62.

Brownells state “Combining one of the popular suppressor adapter mounts, with tried-and-true flash hider configurations, the Brownells Keymount compatible muzzle devices / flash hiders are the perfect fit on a variety of suppressor host firearms.

Users can select from the classic A2 or AR-180/BRN-180 flash hider configurations, both with closed bottoms to prevent dust & debris kick up, as well providing excellent flash hiding characteristics.

Designed to bring a 13.7 inch barrel to a legal 16 inch overall length when pinned and welded.

The rear of the device has been lengthened, in order to provide a larger working surface for pinning and welding, and to keep the length of the flash hider protruding into the silencer lower (ensuring a wide compatibility).

Compatible with Dead Air Sandman line of suppressors, as well as most Keymount compatible suppressors.

The flash hiders are machined from 4140 chrome moly steel and finished with a black nitride process.

Devices can be purchased in either ½-28 223/5.56 or 5/8-24 30 Caliber/308/7.62/300 Blackout.”

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