Aero Precision has released their latest limited edition custom builder sets for the AR-pattern receiver and rails.

Aero Precision states “The April edition of the 2023 Builder Set program is here!

Featuring a Desert Geo Cerakote finish applied by Nevada Cerakote-this set includes earth tones with a laser etched geometric pattern that makes this set standout from other desert camouflage patterns.”


  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.7″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.3″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 10.3″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 12.7″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M4E1 (AR15) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • M5E1 (.308) 15″ Enhanced Handguard
  • M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS S-ONE Threaded
  • M5 (.308) 15″ ATLAS R-ONE Threaded
  • Magpul MOE Grip & SL Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip & SL-S Stock
  • Magpul MOE Grip & PRS GEN3 Stock

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