FN America has released their latest offering with the new FN Rush 9ti suppressor.

FN America states “The FN Rush™ 9Ti is a highly versatile and reliable 9mm suppressor, delivering an unmatched shooting experience.

When paired with the FN 509 Tactical®, reliable feeding and extraction with most common ammunition types is the new standard, maintaining the exceptional accuracy, cycling reliability and high durability standards FN owners expect.

With the advanced booster assembly, mounting the FN Rush 9Ti to any pistol barrel threaded ½” x 28 is fast and repeatable.

A tight piston gas seal contains carbon fouling in the baffle core, making for a smooth shooting experience without the heavy blowback and stoppages common with most suppressors.

The FN Rush 9Ti has the ultimate strength to weight ratio, with the titanium tube holding strong at just 10.8 oz.

The light, easy-to-maintain design breaks down quickly for cleaning and holds a limited lifetime warranty.”


  • Reduced gas jetting to face
  • Reliable feed and extraction with factory ammunition
  • Perfected with the FN 509 Tactical, included piston mounts to any 1/2″ x 28 threaded barrel
  • Ultimate strength to weight ratio, trim titanium tube
  • Effective sound reduction without the blowback
  • ½” X 28 TPI piston and booster assembly included


  • LENGTH: 7.3″
  • TUBE DIAMETER: 1.375″
  • WEIGHT: 10.8 oz.
  • PISTON: 1/2″x28 TPI

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