Void 3D Armory has announced the development and testing of the world’s first flow-through shotgun silencer designs.

Void 3D Armory states “Void 3D Armory, a 3D printable gun and silencer designer, is once more doing what no man thought could be done. Void 3D has previously done the “impossible” by making 3D printable silencer designs that could be made at home with a plastic FDM 3D printer and stand up to the pressures of a 300 Blackout, and a .223 Remington.

Void has one full line of flow through silencer designs released to the public on their website and has four other unique lines of flow through silencer in beta testing with the Black Lotus Coalition, a community of 3D printed firearms enthusiasts.

Of these four that are in beta testing, the Long Baffle and the Hive have been chosen to be made into offset shotgun silencers.

Void estimates that these will remain in beta testing stage for 6 to 9 months before they are ready for public release.

The first shotgun silencers to be released will be .410.

Testing will then begin on 20 gauge, and if all goes well, 12 gauge will likely be released in late 2024.

Void anticipates having several different models out of beta testing in 2023.

With many attempts at deregulating silencers, and with the possibility of the NFA getting repealed, it is possible that at home 3D printing is the future of firearms suppression.”

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