Strike Industries has rolled out their new Oppressor Universal 3-lug QD base set.

Strike Industries states “The Strike Industries OPPRESSOR Universal 3-Lug QD Base Set gives you an additional mount for another compatible weapon so you can use just one SI OPPRESSOR Universal body and quickly swap between firearms.

This 3-Lug quick detach (QD) base is a unique fitment only to the SI OPPRESSOR Universal and includes all the necessary hardware to install on a compatible individual barrel.

Made from S45C steel and includes a 1/2” concentric shim washer along with a 1/2” and 5/8” crush washers.

Purchase as a spare or replacement base or so you can save some money and reuse the same SI OPPRESSOR Universal body on multiple weapons.”


  • Additional SI OPPRESSOR Universal proprietary 3-lug QD base
  • Quickly swap one SI OPPRESSOR body with multiple weapons
  • Spare/replacement base
  • Includes all necessary hardware to install on individual barrel
  • 3-lug QD base made from S45C steel


SI OPPRESSOR Universal proprietary 3-lug quick detach base:

  • LENGTH: 31.63mm (1.25″)
  • WIDTH: 29.10mm (1.16″)
  • HEIGHT: 10.00mm (0.39″)
  • WEIGHT: 0.52 oz


  • LENGTH: 22mm (0.87″)
  • WIDTH: 22mm (0.87″)
  • HEIGHT: 3.50mm (0.18″)
  • WEIGHT: 0.14 oz
  • TOTAL WEIGHT W/ PKG: 1.20 oz

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