Strike Industries has recently expanded on their popular rugged T-Bone charging handle with new Latch sizes in a small (Porterhouse) and Large (Tenderloin) models.

Strike Industries states “These interchangeable T-Bone latches feature the SI patented gas redirect system that allows you to configure the gas to exit only left, only right or evenly to both sides.

With comfort and control in mind, the T-Bone latchless handles are made from SI PolyFlex polymer.

The latchless feature of the T-Bone gives minimal wear and tear on your AR upper receiver compared to traditional charging handles on the market.

The Strike Industries Porterhouse or Tenderloin T-Bone Charging Handle Latches gives you a modular way to direct the gas and setup the feel and look for one of the most overlooked and essential part of your AR upper receiver.”


  • Interchangeable latches that can be easily swapped on SI T-Bone Charging Handle
  • (LARGE) Larger and longer surface area to increase grip and leverage
  • (SMALL) Shorter controls for a lower profile setup
  • SI patented gas redirect system
  • Configure gas to exit only left, only right or evenly on both sides
  • Latchless modular SI PolyFlex polymer handles
  • Minimal wear on upper receiver compared to others on the market

To learn more about Strike Industries. CLICK HERE

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