Forward Controls Design has recently expanded on their PCM or Cable Management Panel with the new PCM-L that is the longer version of the orginal PCM.

Forward Control Design states “Pressure switches, like them or not, have their place on a fighting rifle. If you do have one for your WML or IR target designator/illuminator, you have no doubt resorted to zip ties, rubber bands, or electrical tape to manage and route the cable.

Zip ties are a field expedient solution, as are rubber bands.

Zip ties with excess slack cut off can be rather sharp, and rotate its sharp, blade like edge/corners when the user least expects.

Rubber bands are far from a long term solution.

PCM (Panel, Cable Management) was co-developed with Tactical Night Vision Company (TNVC,, it is an MLOK compatible cable management panel/cover that protects and routes the cable underneath.

TNVC and FCD had determined that internal/protected routing of cable is the most secure means of keeping it immobile, as it doesn’t rely on friction, and can’t be pulled out without removing the panel itself.

PCM makes it possible for the cable to go straight through, or round a 90 degree angle, or even a 180 degree turn.

PCM’s cable routing can accommodate cables up to 0.140″ in diameter. For references, Surefire’s cables are 0.115″ average, while the thickest Unity Tactical cables are 0.140 average.”


  • Length: PCM-L, 3.14″, fills two MLOK slots.
  • Width: 0.6″
  • Height: 0.22″ (installed)
  • Weight:PCM-L, 0.64oz, with MLOK nuts and bolts.

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