Dead Air Silencers has recently released their suppressor and accessory tool pack of hook spanner tools.

Dead Air Silencers states”TL001 This is an ACCESSORY KeyMo hook spanner with a KeyMicro hook on the opposite side.

It will work with KeyMo and KeyMicro adapters, Xeno, Pyro 2.0, 3-lug, and direct thread mounts.

TL002 This is an “Enhanced Suppressor” hook spanner.

It’s for the SUPPRESSOR, not accessories.

It’s made of an improved material and has an extra lug for better engagement on the suppressor.

Our suppressors and adapters typically have an even/odd tool slot arrangement between the suppressor and the accessory.

This allows you to find the “sweet spot” for high leverage where handles are almost parallel to each other and there’s a really high mechanical advantage.

Because these have the extra lug, they will not fit accessories.

These are for customers that are changing around mounts very often.

Sold together as a pack.”

To learn more about Dead Air Silencers and the suppressor & accessory tool pack. CLICK HERE