Dead Air Silencers has announced the second generation of the Pyro muzzle device that slips over their series of key brakes and flashiders with the Pyro 2.0 enhanced muzzle brake.

Dead Air Silencers states “Our flash hiders excel at keeping flash to a minimum, but sometimes you just want a flatter shooting rifle and don’t care about the visual signature. That’s where the Pyro comes in.

Install it over your flash hider and just like that, your flash hider is a fully functional brake. Extremely effective, installs in seconds, and Keymo compatible.

The all-new Pyro 2.0 muzzle brake utilizes our existing KeyMo adapter and the all-new Pyro vented shroud. Each part is available for purchase separately for those that already have a KeyMo, but buying them together saves you money.”


  • Mount:Key Brake, Flash Hider
  • Length:3.1″

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