Surefire makes some of the most popular muzzle devices currently available, and also our military has adopted–in some cases their muzzle devices/suppressor mounts.

The one disadvantage to using Surefire’s muzzle devices is their inability to use their muzzle devices to mount suppressors from other manufactuers as the 1.375×24 tpi thread has become standard amoung most manufacturers, allowing the end user to run whoever’s muzzle device/mount onto whoever’s suppressor.

And it’s pretty common to see a Dead Air Keymo pattern muzzle device and suppressor mount attached to another manufactures silencer.

BSD Fabrication and Works has created a solution for this problem that allows the user to use their beloved Surefire Flash hider, warcomp, etc and mount directly onto another manufactures silencer.

By modifying a Surefire Trainer suppressor or Warden Device, BSD Fabrication and Works adds the universal 1.375x24tpi thread thus allowing you to mount your favorite Dead Air, SilencerCo, Rex Silentium, etc suppressor to your Surefire Mount.

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