Launched through Optics Planet, Trybe Defense has released their new R.O.C.S. Rapid Offense Chassis System.

Currently, the R.O.C.S. chassis system supports popular Remington, Ruger, Savage, and Howa patterns of bolt action rifles.

Optics Planet who has exclusive distributorship for Trybe Defense states “Ready to tighten up those groupings?

TRYBE Defense is here to lend a helping hand. Ultra versatile to fit multiple inlet options and built with accuracy, durability, and aesthetics in mind, the TRYBE Defense R.O.C.S.

Rapid Offense Chassis System will have you shooting with more precision than ever.

Vastly improving accuracy potential and designed to provide any shooter with a comfortable and ergonomic feel, this chassis system perfectly combines form and function; at an incredible price!

The sleek, contoured forend grip fits the shooter’s hand so well you’d think it was molded specially for you.

Featuring an adjustable cheek riser to maximize comfort and visibility, this Chassis System eliminates awkward positioning to ensure a perfect shot.

The butt system can be adjusted to suit any body type and guarantees the perfect fit to absorb recoil.

Speaking of the perfect fit, the comfortable and ergonomic pistol grip was shaped to fit your hand like a glove and provide you with a natural resting position so that you can focus down range.”

To learn more about the Trybe Defense R.O.C.S. chassis system. CLICK HERE

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