Nocturn Industries is a new company who has entered into the growing night vision market with their new offering the UANVB Katana night vision binocular housing.

Nocturn Industries states “Our kick starter product and first in a series of articulating binocular devices.

This is the lightest binocular on the market to date at a functional weight of 17.76 oz. fully assembled (with battery installed).

The articulating design allows users to use one eye or both eyes enabling the simultaneous use of a thermal optic or other non-passive aiming systems.

This also enables users to operate vehicles without limiting head space by eliminating the need to stow the unit upright or to tuck the pods against the helmet when stowed.

It is simple with a minimalist design.

An onboard battery with no remote power keeps things simple and wires off the helmet. Push button on/off in the cap to reduce weight and reduce the footprint of the bridge.

Individual pod power on/off when articulated to the side for single or dual eye use and to eliminate backsplash when stowed or rotated out.

An original new “Friction Lock Interpupillary Adjustment” feature allows users to quickly and easily set IP stop distance with a simple rotate into place and forget design. No tools or knobs.

This unit is light weight without compromising strength.

It is rugged and has been drop tested to the NATO 1.5 meter drop test standard.

All our products are designed and hand built in New Hampshire, USA.”


  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black (Standard), Coyote (Cerakote)
  • Weight:

(Battery + Standard Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 17.76oz/1.11lbs/503.5g

(No Battery + RPO Pvs-14 lenses and Image intensifiers): 15.12oz/0.94lbs/428.6g

  • Power: CR123a on board
  • Remote Power: Optional

To learn more about Nocturn Industries. CLICK HERE