Designer Goons has recently entered into the tactical gear market with the introduction of the Monarch Chest Rig System that is designed to be adaptive with ever changing product lines from other companies.

With the large amount of different chest rigs and systems being used currently cross-compatibility is a major selling point for end users to consider.

Designer Goons states “The monarch can take whatever you throw at it whether it’s an overt load out,or a more concealed set up. It can get into any configuration you need.This platform will be a base and will be accompanied eventually by multiple different upgrades and accessories for all kinds of load out/missions types.”



The monarch chassis is comprised of three compartments (moving from front face, to back face) the front compartment is a large double zipper admin pouch lined with loop to accept multiple inserts or to be run with free contents, the middle compartment is open topped and lined with loop to accept (3) AR or AK rifle magazines either with our triple rifle insert or many others on the market. Lastly, the back compartment is a hook and loop sandwich with an open top and open sides to accept the radio or general purpose wings.
The back pad is a cordura and loop panel to be used on the chassis when in chest rig configuration or to be removed to reveal the hook backing for use on plate carriers. Top attachment points on the chassis are now removable, meaning you can change from our clips to G hooks or cobra buckles all depending on your plate carrier attachment needs. The outside of the chassis is all upgraded to be used on all sides, the front is a 9.5’x4’loop panel, the bottom has elastic loops for a med/marker/glow-stick and a TQ, and either sides of the chassis has two lines of elastic molle designed to hold a wide range of accessories.


The Monarch Harness is a Upgraded H harness with Botton holes lining the body of the harness to allow hydration or comms routing to keep them off the front face, three webbing points on either side to allow accessory attachment, and fully adjustable back straps to fit a WIDE range of body types. The H harness is accompanied by a hybrid elastic/webbing back strap to create a tight fit, and that is also fully adjustable.


The Radio Wings are a set of extension wings with removable buckles comprised of two pockets, the main being a large pocket intended to hold radios or mags, and the secondary pocket that is lined with loop to allow knife sheath attachment or a single pistol mag. There are attachment points for retention tie downs if needed but we did not include them due to the elastic band around the body of the wing creating retention.


The (GP) General Purpose Wings are a set of extension wings with removable buckles that are simple bags with a single top zipper that are lined with loop to accept inserts. These are meant to increase your load capabilities by offering space for medical, 40mikes, flashs, smokes, deton supplies or whatever you need.

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