Ronin Tactics has announced their latest piece of kit with the new Ronin Assaulter Chest Rack.

Ronin Tactics states “The Ronin Assaulter Chest Rack is designed to be used as a (Gunfighter) chest rack or to be intergraded onto the NEW Ronin Assaulter Lite (AL) plate carrier. (Coming Soon)

There are six adjustment points on the harness allowing our design to properly fit the shooter.

This system comes with four removable 5.56mm inserts and retention bungee cords.

With our different inserts (Sold Separately), shooters can quickly move between 5.56mm, 7.62, 9mm, shotgun or an explosive breaching front panel within a matter of seconds.

The system comes lined on the front side with multiple rows of laser cut PALS, this will allow for many standard MOLLE style pouches to be attached.

Each side of the chest rack comes with metal G-hooks and FirstSpear® Tubes ™ Fastener to either quickly jettison equipment or to quickly attach chest rack to New Ronin Assaulter Lite plate carrier (Coming Soon)

All buckles and clips used are the “heavy duty” version, giving them double the break strength.

The concept behind the Ronin Assaulter Chest Rack is to strip down to the basic gear needed to conduct long range patrols.

The design is adaptable to our NEW Assaulter Lite plate carrier (Coming Soon), which will allow the shooter to plus up to a Direct Action assault or slim down to conduct long range tactical movements.

Our chest rack is lined on the backside with hook, this will allow the chest rack to secure to the NEW (AL) COMING SOON.”

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