Ronin Tactics has recently debuted their latest piece of kit with the new Ronin Assaulter Lite Plate Carrier.

Ronin Tactics states “The Ronin Assaulter Lite (AL) Plate Carrier is designed to maximize the operator’s ability for mobility and speed by distributing combat load, which allows for proper fit and comfort.

This system is fully adjustable, allowing the operator to customize their carrier by utilizing Ronin Tactics rapid front panels.

Shooters can quickly move between 5.56mm, 7.62mm, shotgun, or an explosive breaching front panel within matter of seconds.”


  • Military Grade Quality
  • Lightweight
  • MOLLE Compatible
  • Full Adjustable
  • Y-Strap Shoulder Cut
  • Reinforced “Pull Extension” Drag Handle
  • Elastic Shoulder Strap Retainer
  • Zip-on Blank MOLLE Blank Panel
  • Front Rapid Panel- Fits Three Mags
  • Loop Hook-and-Loop Fastener –Chest
  • Contents Not Included

To learn more about Ronin Tactics and the Assaulter Lite Plate Carrier. CLICK HERE