Shrimp Gang Designs is back at it again making condiments organization great again with the new titanium Bulky Shrimp tube and Quelltech DA adapter.

Shrimp Gang Designs states “Our first “flag ship” offering, this tube is all grade 9 Titanium and is perfect for anyone wanting the ultimate name in protection.

We will only make these in preorder batches.

There is rarely ever going to be extras.

We look forward to hearing from you, and we are proud to release this new design to the marketplace.”


  • 7.5″ Grade 9 Titanium Tube
  • (1.5″ OD/ 1.75″ OD & 1.360″ ID).
  • Threads: 1-3/8 x 24TPI & 1-7/16 x 20TPI
  • 2.25″ Built in Spacer
  • Knurling on two of the main body sections.
  • WTT will be offering accessories for this tube.

To learn more about Shrimp Gang Designs. CLICK HERE