Unity Tactical has teamed up with Emissary Development in launching the R2-0 or Return to Zero Tool that is designed to interface with the Geissele Super Precision Scope mounts.

Unity Tactical & Emissary Development states “The soon to be released R2-0 is the result of a collaborative project with @emissarydevelopment.

The R2-0 is a drop in tool that interfaces with Geissele Super Precision Scope Mounts and brings a ton of functional features to your weapon system.

It’s main feature is it’s 1/2” hex socket that can be used to tighten down the nuts on your scope mount allowing you to secure the mount with the proper torque needed to hold and return to zero consistently and reliably.

Weather you are moving optics on and off guns or doing an occasional check to make sure everything is tight and torqued down, the R2-0 is right there ready to go.

Across from the 1/2” socket is a 1/4” hex socket that will take standard hex driver bits and can be used for a multitude of different tasks.

Between both sockets is a slot that can house any 1/4” hex driver bit on board.

It will ship with a T15 Torx bit that can be used for securing the caps on your scope mount.

On either side of the tool are flat head drivers that can be used to adjust optics and lasers.

The ultra lightweight R2-0 sits neatly in between both mounting nuts allowing it to have a “no profile” presence and can also help prevent the nuts from snagging on gear and other obstacles.

The R2-0 securely snaps in place via a clamp/hook design and won’t fall off or shake loose under hard use.

It will be available in both Black and FDE.”

To learn more about Unity Tactical and Emissary Development. CLICK HERE

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