Magpul Industries has released details on their latest limited edition frame lock Rigger knife that features a green Micarta handle.

Magpul Industries states “The Limited Edition Stonewashed Green Micarta® version of the Rigger is the fourth and final blade in a short series of production runs, each limited to only 200 serial-numbered knives per run. It’s available for purchase at 12:00 noon Eastern on Friday, December 11th only at

The Rigger is a precision-engineered knife made from premium materials and includes our signature form and function. A skeletonized, lightweight double-locking titanium frame lock and textured OD green linen Micarta scale provide the Rigger with rugged agility combined with absolute security. The modified Wharncliffe blade is forged from Crucible Particle Metallurgy (CPM) S35VN stainless steel, considered to be one of the finest blade steels in the world, and one of the first designed specifically for knives.

A jimped flipper deploys and locks the blade quickly and smoothly. The secondary locking feature (SLF) in the Rigger’s precision-machined frame lock prevents accidental blade closure during demanding use. A flick of the thumb disengages the SLF, allowing quick, controlled blade closure, with or without gloves.

The modified Wharncliffe blade edge has a distinct distal taper and slight belly that enhances ease of sharpening, maintenance, and overall utility. Its primary bevel decreases weight while maintaining blade strength and rigidity, and the straight dull back curves slightly with an abrupt downward edge near the tip, creating an aggressive point for piercing and detailed work. The blade’s CPM S35VN construction provides improved strength and wear resistance, so the blade holds its edge longer than other lesser steels, reducing the need for frequent sharpening.

The titanium pocket clip features a hollow attachment screw for lanyards and can be removed or reversed with a screwdriver for easy disassembly and cleaning. Overall, its sleek, modern profile ensures that the Rigger rides comfortably in any pocket. At 7.59 inches open and 4.52 inches closed, it’s an ideal size for everyday carry, yet large enough to handle demanding field tasks.

The Rigger comes with a custom high-strength, injection-molded, weather-resistant case that’s internally lined with soft foam. Inspired by the PMAG®, the Rigger’s case also features a paint pen dot matrix for easy identification and marking. When not housing the Rigger, the crush-resistant case serves as a storage box for small tools, ammo, or anything else that will fit.”

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