RMJ Tactical has released their latest in tactical tomahawks with the all new 3V Syndicate Raven tomahawk.

RMJ Tactical states “We are proud to introduce the 3V Syndicate, and the all new production Raven Ax, the first of many Syndicate products to come. The 3V Syndicate is composed of three very select groups. One; RMJ USA’s highly skilled craftsmen and designers. Two; the hand-selected inner circle of our most dedicated dealers. Three; You, and the other purpose-driven users who seek the very best high end cutting tools.

All three groups are drawn together around top shelf products made from CPM 3-V steel. This high end, American made tool steel is a lot like the members of the Syndicate, it’s cantankerous, extremely tough, and can be rough around the edges. CPM 3-V is hard on the equipment used to shape it. Machinery, cutters, grinding belts, and the craftsman’s patience are all tested by this difficult to work steel. However, in the end, the tools crafted from it are worth the effort, they are the embodiment of American excellence.

Purchasing a Raven will give you access to the 3V Syndicate Safe House. As a 3V Syndicate member you are positioned for limited runs and exclusive products available only to members. Others need not apply!

The Raven design comes from our talented blacksmith, Reid Carmack who has been making custom forged Raven’s for years. Like so many of our products, the Raven’s inspiration comes from tradition, in this case, 9th century Nordic axes. In addition to the aggressive and distinctive looks, the raven is a formidable and functional tool. It features a robust head with a 3.5″ cutting edge, the head flows into a straight handle that creates an extremely well balanced tool with incredible cutting capability. The bearded design allows for a high grip for accurate fine motor skill work. The 3D contoured G10 handles incorporate a diagonal, grooved texture for a sure grip without being overly aggressive.

This round of Raven’s are available in two Cerakote finishes, Smoke with Dirty Olive G10 handles and Jungle Green with Black G10 handles. ,

Along with the Ax you will receive three exclusive 3V Syndicate items, a solid oak antiquities box, a leather patch and copper coin”


  • Overall Length: 14.5”
  • Head Length: 4.8125”
  • Cutting Edge Length: 3.45”
  • Thickness: .285”
  • Weight: 25.5 Ounces (without the sheath)
  • Blade Material: CPM-3V
  • Finish Choices: Smoke and Jungle Green Cerakote
  • Handle Material: Black G10
  • Sheath: Kydex scabbard with Low Ride

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