Apex Tactical has expanded support for Glock’s slim-line of pistols with new Polymer Action Enhancement trigger kits.

Apex Tactical states “The Action Enhancement Kit for Slim Frame Glock pistols features the Apex Polymer Action Enhancement Trigger, with Apex Trigger Bar, and Performance Connector. T

he kit is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory trigger, trigger bar and connector, and provides for a smoother trigger pull with reduced travel, reduced reset, and a crisp break at 4.5lbs (Average).

The Trigger Bar and Trigger Connector are coated in Nickel-Teflon for a lifetime of smooth operation and corrosion resistance.”


– Reduced trigger pre-travel, overall travel and reset distance
– Smooths uptake and reset
– Provides a crisp trigger break at 4.5lbs
– Center mounted pivoting safety maintains factory safety values
– Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger and connector, no fitting required
– Same upgrades as our Action Enhancement Kit for Slim Frame Glock® in a budget-friendly option!

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