Unity Tactical has recently shown off their the Gascap USB-C weapon light tailcap.

Which will mark the launch of the LINK USB-C System Unity Tactical has developmed.

Unity Tactical states “Featuring LINK™ System technology, the GASCAP™ USB-C Tailcap marks a paradigm shift for switching technology, bringing USB-C capabilities to weapon mounted lights and switches.

The robust performance of the LINK™ System interface provides near-zero-loss output and dependable, repeatable activation.

The lateral and reversible interface on the GASCAP™ provides a variety of mounting and cable management options, while its cage protects the cable and ensures a solid lockup.

GASCAP™ features an onboard full-size latching button for momentary or constant activation of your device.

Made of high-impact polymer, GASCAP™ is durable in even the most austere environments.

Currently available for SureFire® Scout®-style weapon lights, GASCAP™ pairs with UNITY’s AXON™, AXON™ SL and ModButton™ Lite switch portfolios.”

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