Unity Tactical has announced support for Primary Arms in their FAST mount series with two new mounting solutions.


The FAST™ MicroPrism positions Primary Arms® MicroPrism™ optics at a 2.26″ optical centerline from the rail. It is also compatible with other optics of industry standard mini-prism footprint (heights may vary depending on the optic).


The FAST™ FTC PA magnifier mount employs a simple force-to-overcome mechanism, stowing the magnifier below the optical sight plane and completely within the footprint of the weapon’s receiver when not in use. UNITY™ Tactical’s FTC (flip-to-center) technology eliminates the flip-to-side placement of legacy products so users receive all the benefits of magnification when required with no snag hazards and minimal occlusion of sight pictures when stowed. The FAST™ FTC PA was designed for the Primary Arms® MicroMagnifier and comes standard with the FAST™QD (Quick Detach) Lever.

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