Aero Precision has expanded on their AR pattern complete upper and lower receivers with new Anodized color options.

Aero Precision speaks on the anodizing finish stating “We do our best to ensure the consistency and quality of our products.

During manufacturing, we take great care in making sure that there are no surface imperfections by using a tightly controlled in-house deburring process and holding high quality control standards.

When it comes to colored anodizing and forged parts, certain imperfections usually hidden by the black anodizing process are easily seen due to the lighter pigment of the dye.

Because these issues are inherent to the process, our definition of what constitutes a blemished item has been adjusted.

Typical issues may include but are not limited to, graphite transfers from forging dies (black marks in the non-machined surface), the blending of machined and forged surfaces (visible blending that doesn’t affect the smoothness of finish), shade variances, and areas of inconsistency in the dye uptake.

For transparency, we wanted to go into greater detail on some aspects of the finish, so there are no surprises when purchasing our anodized parts and components.”

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