A3 Tactical has introduced their latest for the AR-15 pattern with the new XENO True90 vertical pistol grip.

A3 Tactical states “The XENO TRUE90 is exactly that, a 90 degree AR-based grip, designed for applications such as prone long distance shooting, or weapons with a short length-of-pull, such as CQC-style tactical firearms.

The true vertical nature of the TRUE90 promotes an optimized wrist angle for both of these applications, ensuring a comfortable ergonomic hand-hold.

The high palm swell on the back of the TRUE90 encourages a higher grip, for greater control and improved comfort.

The randomized organic XENO texture, rear palm grooves, and pronounced lower ledge, all promote excellent grip retention and control.”


  • 90 degree grip angle perpedicular to bore axis
  • High grip mount for better weapon control and comfort
  • Aggressive XENO organic texture, rear radial grooves, and pronounced lower ledge for enhanced grip retention

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