RealSteel Knives has debuted their latest knife with the new new Muninn EDC Wild And Tactical Slide Lock Folding Pocket Knife-3.62″ VG-10 Blade And Micarta Handle, Designed By Ivan D. Braginets.

RealSteel Knives state “The Muninn is a sibling model of the Huginn, which impresses with its symmetrical design and dagger blade.

The Muninn is equipped with a wide dagger blade made of VG-10, which is honed on one side and has a pronounced false edge.

In addition to everyday cutting tasks, this blade can also be used as a combat knife and army knife.

The Muninn is equipped with a slide lock mechanism, which is known for its incredible resistance.

The thumb studs on both sides make it possible to open the knife one-handed with the left or right hand.

The symmetrically designed G10 handle is designed for maximum comfort and ergonomics.

The finger recesses with jimping on the upper and lower sides increase work safety.

The liners of the knives protrude slightly beyond the handle scales, giving the knife a more elegant look and increasing strength.

In addition, the liners are skeletonised to the maximum, which has a positive effect on the weight of the knife and its balance.

While Huginn is more of an EDC knife, Muninn is also specifically geared for tactical purposes.

It’s evident that both items share similarities, such as a reversible pocket clip, and identical screws and thumb studs.

However, the slide lock bolt, lanyard hole, the pocket clip and jimpings are larger on the Muninn, making it a perfect tactical knife.”

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