Strike Industries has recently shown off their latest offering with their new Strike Iphone 14 Pro case.

Strike Industries state “The Strike iPhone 14 Pro Case is meticulously designed to enhance your smartphone experience.

This case offers a secure grip, thanks to its left and right serrations that prevent slips and drops.

With embedded MagSafe-compatible magnetic ring, you’ll enjoy hassle-free cordless charging and mounting.

The built-in lens guard provides protection against drops and impacts, while the cleverly positioned index and middle finger bumps keep your camera lens free from smudges and obstructions.

To top it all off, the shock-absorbing flexible TPU material ensures added durability, making this Strike iPhone 14 Pro Case a perfect companion for your iPhone.”


  • Securely grip your iPhone 14 Pro with left and right serrations, preventing slips and drops
  • Enjoy hassle-free cordless charging and mounting with the embedded MagSafe-compatible magnetic ring
  • Protect your camera lenses with the built-in lens guard, designed to shield against drops and impacts
  • Keep your photos smudge-free with the index finger bumps, preventing accidental lens contact
  • The middle finger bumps ensures unobstructed shots by keeping fingers away from the camera lens
  • Shock-absorbing flexible TPU material for added durability

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