Lone Wolf Distributors who is known for their massive aftermarket support for Glock has announced the launch of their Sig Sauer P365 series of barrels called the Dawn 365 barrel series.

Lone Wolf Distributors state “We are excited to announce the release of our latest product – the DAWN 365 Barrel.

Crafted from 416SS material and finished in either PVD DLC or PVD coating, this barrel is designed to enhance the performance of your P365 and P365XL pistols.

The Dawn 365 Barrel boasts a unique profile design that features a hood pocket and profile facets.

This innovative design helps to reduce bearing surface, leading to faster cycling and improved wear resistance of the coating.

The result is a more reliable and durable barrel that will withstand even the most demanding shooting conditions.

We offer both threaded and non-threaded options, as well as barrel lengths to fit both P365 and P365XL models.

Plus, our factory slide drop-in ready design ensures a hassle-free installation, allowing you to get back to shooting with minimal downtime.”

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