Emissary Development has recently shown off an up-coming product that have have been developing called the Emissary Alternator which is an illumination pressure switch.

Emissary Development states “The Alternator is a new product we are working on that is designed to address some of the shortcomings when using two illumination and/or laser aiming devices at the same time.

While there are plenty of awesome options for pressure switches on the market, including ones that can activate two devices at once, there are none that give the user the freedom to not only fire both devices simultaneously but also the ability to control either independently.

The design of the Alternator is simply a housing that clamps over two existing Modlite/Unity Modbutton Lite switches.

It has its own actuation surface that sits above the switches and features three pads that use different textures and their own unique angle to make it easier to differentiate each pad from another.

The forward and rearward pads fire off the switch directly underneath them but the middle pad will activate both switches simultaneously.

It also features a fully fenced off body that helps prevent accidental activation of the switches.

This will be an awesome addition for setups that are designed to use both IR/vis lasers and IR Illuminators/white light devices together.”

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