HRF Concepts has recently shown off their latest products with the new SOC or Snap on Cover.

HRF Concepts state “The SOC (Snap On Cover) mounts allow the user to put a pressure pad directly under their hand without negligently discharging the laser or light.

They block off the activation button and only expose the optimal locations to activate the switch which prevents flickering and dim activation.

All this is provided without occupying any additional rail space.”


  • Insight Standard
  • NGAL 2 Button
  • Surefire 07 (ST-07 / RSR-07)
  • Wilcox Ergocto


  • Material: Nylon Polymer
  • Weight: 0.67oz (19g)
  • Included Hardware: SOC 2-56 Bolt (2), SOC 2-56 Nut (2)
  • Color: Black and FDE
  • Made in the USA

To learn more about HRF Concepts. CLICK HERE