Code 4 Defense has released their latest in illumination with the VIR II Rifle Kit.

Code 4 Defense states “Code 4 Defense is excited to introduce our Rifle Kit for the VIR II series of Laser Aiming Module.

The VIR II is an inexpensive IR illuminator, laser, and white light combo from Streamlight that offers a feature set not found in other products at its price point.
Unfortunately, the VIR II has some shortcomings with the IR illuminator, specifically when paired with a rifle.

Due to the wide flood nature of the IR illuminator you are left with significant suppressor/muzzle shadow, and auto-gating of your night vision device.

This means that objects seen in the distance become significantly darker when the device is turned on.

With the VIR II Rifle Kit installed, we have eliminated many of these problems.

The Rifle Kit focuses the IR illuminator in to a tighter more traditional circle, which has the capability of illuminating targets out to 100 yards.

While this does not put it on par with some more expensive LAMs on the market, it certainly makes the VIR II a more viable option for mounting on your rifle.”


  • Snaps in to place for quick installation
  • Focuses the IR Illuminator into a tighter circle
  • Reduces suppressor and barrel shadow
  • Easily taken off to for greater white light and IR flood
  • Toolless installation

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