Code 4 Defense has launched their latest piece of kit for the night-vision crowd with the NVA-14, PVS-14 Night vision Arm.

Code 4 Defense states “The NVA-14 (Night Vision Arm – for the PVS-14) is a lightweight, durable, single arm mount for the PVS-14.

The NVA-14 utilizes a dovetail style attachment which works for a large variety of commercial mounts on the market. Unlike other mounts on the market, the NVA-14 was designed with vehicle born or CQB environments in mind.

The arm of the mount allows the PVS-14 to articulate out of the users filed of view towards the centerline of the helmet while still in the down position.

This reduces neck strain, and lowers the vertical profile of the helmet for moving in and out of structures or vehicles.

When placed in the stowed position, the arm of the mount allows the PVS-14 to sit as close to the helmet as possible, further reducing the vertical and horizontal profile of the helmet.

The NVA-14 allows for ambidextrous mounting by the user, and has a bungee/tether attachment point on the rear of the Unit.

The NVA-14 does not require tools in order to adjust or install the PVS-14. This makes field adjustments easy and immediate.”


  • Lightweight durable design
  • No tools required for installation or adjustment
  • Dovetail attachment works with a wide variety of helmet mounts
  • Bungee/tether point
  • Full articulation out of the user’s field of view
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Low profile design well suited for Vehicle/CQB operations
  • Lifetime warranty

To learn more about Code 4 Defense. CLICK HERE