Rifle Dynamics has announced the expansion of their popular MAGLADS series of magazines with new AR pattern magazines.

Rifle Dynamics state “Mag Lads magazines are a fun way of getting something custom from Rifle Dynamics, yet with a much shorter lead time.

These custom mags feature multi-toned lasered, classic camo patterns.

The intorductory camo pattern for these MAGPUL magazines is the one of best sellers of the previous AK47 mags, the Tiger Stripe. One of my favorite patterns, takes me back to loving the smell of napalm in the morning.

More camo and other “out there” patterns or designs will be added/retired as the project continues.

These will be fun to collect, but are also a great way of differentiating your mags in a class or outing with your friends.

Trust us, your friends will be jelly.”


  • Made In the USA
  • 5.56×45
  • 30 Round Capacity
  • Polymer Body
  • AR15/M4 Platform (does not work with HK416, SA80, or similiar platforms)
  • 5 OZ

To learn more about Rifle Dynamics. CLICK HERE