Rifle Dynamics has released their latest the UnNumbered Virgin 7.62 Romanian Core parts kits.

Rifle Dynamics state “Start your new AKM build with factory new Romanian parts including a forged steel Front Trunnion, Bolt Carrier, Bolt assembly, and a Hungarian Recoil guide assembly.

These parts are factory new, unnumbered, unmarked, and feature a blued finish.

The Front trunnion features a partially drilled pilot hole for the barrel pin, and fully drilled lower rivet holes.”


  • New, UnNumbered, Unmarked, & never built on
  • Milspec
  • Made in Romania (Recoil guide assembly made in Hungary)
  • Forged Steel Front Trunnion
  • Blued Finish
  • Compatible with Rifle Dynamics US made Builder Barrels (must be headspaced!)

To learn more about Rifle Dynamics.CLICK HERE