Black Triangle Group has recently introduced their latest offering in G10 knives with the new MK25

Black Triangle Group states “MK25 is part of a project we have been working on for a while.

We wanted to create a premium version of existing Black Triangle G10 knives, while not straying too far from the original concept.

The first of this line is the MK25.The G10 scales are designed in such a way that gives a slight nod to the wrapped knives.

The criss-cross pattern is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Scales are tumbled and blasted so they do not create a hotspot while carrying inside the waistband.With the G10 scales, we are able to create a vacuum-forming mold as opposed to our traditional process of pressing the thermoplastic directly to the wrapped knife.

This vacuum-formed sheath gives users the option to re-sheath the knife with the bevel facing toward or away from the body.

Having a vacuum-formed sheath, we are able to reduce the overall width of the sheath and reduce footprint.

The sheath is trimmed with an accented sweat guard for maximum comfort while carrying.”


  • Black G10
  • OAL 7 1/4″
  • Blade 3″
  • Grip 4 1/4″
  • Scales 3 1/4″
  • OAW 3/4″
  • Thickness: 1/4″(knife), 1/4″ (scales), overall thickness 1/2″
  • Black .080 Boltaron
  • Raven Concealment 1.5″ IWB Overhook Strut
  • Packaged in Black Triangle 5 VHS case

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