Meridian Defense Corp who is well known for their high quality custom AK pattern rifles has announced the MDC Trent Art “Classic” rifle.

Meridian Defense Corp states “The MDC Trench Art “Classic” is based on the Iconic AK-47 rifles that were used in the Balkan Wars of the 90s that often-featured custom carved art, markings, initials, and stickers on the wood furniture.

These are original parts kits and “Trench Art” wood Furniture that we brought back to life to give you the most original battlefield pickup AK on the market today!

These hand-crafted rifles are built to exceed the original military-grade AKs requirements. These “Trench Art” Classic rifles are built on our MDC-47 receivers and high-quality original Romanian military-grade parts kits.

We use our American-made 4150 CMV Chrome lined barrels which provide great accuracy and longevity.

The rifles are completely refinished in a matte blue finish and distressed to achieve that original battlefield pickup look.

If you’re looking for a high-quality classic AK-47 variant, this is your rifle.

The MDC-47 “Trench Art” Classic is compatible with standard 30-round 7.62×39 magazines and is covered by a lifetime warranty.”


  • Each rifle is hand built with a high level of attention to detail and utilizes CNC machines to ensure dimensional accuracy. The receiver is fully heat treated in a salt bath to a hardness of 40 HRC. Our receivers have the proper Safe & Fire markings as well as the Selector Notches. Receivers are tumbled for smooth carrier cycling and function.
  • Built with original military-grade parts.
  • All critical components are thoroughly inspected and measured for proper tolerances.
  • Barrels are 4150 CMV with Chrome lining for a lifetime of hard use.
  • Properly head spaced with Go-Gauge, No-Go-Gauge, Field-Gauge, and live cartridges for reliable use.
  • 14x1LH threaded barrel and plunger equipped front sight block allows for use of standard 14x1LH devices on this AK.
  • Front Sight Block and Gas Block are trued to the action and aligned with the bore.
  • Side rail for use of standard AK side-mounted optics.
  • Our new MDC performance trigger (Tuned)
  • Original Trench Art Wood Furniture.
  • Checked for function with an assortment of standard AK magazines, Magpul, US palm, Circle 10, Polish, Yugo, & Russian Magazines
  • All components are refinished in an original matte blue military finish and then distressed to give you that original battlefield pickup look.

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